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What Does it Mean to be Human

The Human Origins Initiative wants to know what YOU think it means to be human! Submit your response, and it may be featured on this website or in our exhibition.

Responses seen here come both from this website and the David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins. We have had a wonderful outpouring of responses to this question, and we cannot feature every answer; in an effort to features as many as possible, we will be featuring new answers approximately everyh two weeks (so check back to see if you answer has been featured!).

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To be human is to own your humanity. Our ancestors didn't struggle to make sure our species survived just to have us destroy our planet.
- Ethel Arauz, Fayetteville, NC
To be open minded, tolerant, resilient and happy; To discover, appreciate, learn, love, and enjoy all of life's wonders and pleasures.
- Abby, New York City
To be human is to be curious of all and niothing in the same time
- benja, france
They have the ability to pass information down through generations and are able to communicate through both language and symbolic language.
- Grace , Middle School
In China to be human is to get a good ATAR, but in Korea to be human is to win the League of Legends world cup. With love, from paper
You are able to walk on two feet and use collective learning in order to gain an understanding of different perspectives.
- Issy, Sydney
To be human is to have the ability to collectively learn.
- Sam Chadwick, Sydney
To learn from mistakes, through discovered errors and thus follow laws.
- Jeff, Sydney
To be one of the few animals to engage in intercourse for pleasure.
- Len, London
Ability to express oneself through emotion, complex thoughts, physical attributes and communication.
- Sophia Hawkes, Sydney
It means to share the characteristics and learn from other homo sapiens
- Felix Daverio, NSW
to be human you need to be able to respond and communicate between other people within the race of you.
- charlie knight, sydney
Being human means having the ability to respond to situations in many different ways, by learning from others and thinking of new ideas.
- Jonas, Cremorne
Ability to express oneself through emotion, complex thoughts, physical attributes and communication.
- Sophia Hawkes, Sydney
To be human means to be able to display your emotion through facial expressions.
- Ted, Neverland
To communicate with others and to express our ideas in order to engage in collective learning.
- Ben Passey, Sydney, Aus
To be human is to adapt to nature and to take advantage of it.
- Julius Feldmann, cremorne
What it mean to be human? I think to be human is to stand up for what is wrong and do the right thing
- Lachlan, NSW
Human's use collective learning which is a way of sharing information through the use of different languages.
- Sophia Moeller , Redlands School
The be human is to stare into the coding of life and the universe, and understand it at the same time. As well as find penises funny
- Rin, London
To be human is to be greatly overwhelmed by millions of conflicting or confusing emotions at once and to figure out how to handle them.
- Emma , California
When we learn to truely love everyone equally then we will know the true meaning of being human.
- Richard, Houston, Texas
Always finding a way to adapt :)
- Art, Denver Colorado
What are authoritative definitions of "human"?
- Patrick D. Shannon, USA
To be human means to have self-awareness, to teach/learn information to/from ourselves and to/from other beings.
- Gino LUKA, Florence, Italy
the ability to change our surroundings to suite ourselves, therefore making us extremely adaptable and expanding our niche
- Nina, Texas
To be curious and to do something about that curiosity - essentially to keep asking "why?"
- Katie, London
To learn, decide, love, and recreate so our offspring may do the same.
- Kayelani, California
To be made in the image of God and loved unconditionally
- Eric, Metz, France
To be HUMAN comes at a cost - BE HUMANE! we need to be THE most responsible species around.
- Dr. Poonam Upadhyaya, Agra, India
Speaking a complex language; transorming the envairoment; having noble feelings; practicing art.
- Edna Elena Velasco, México
to have characters of us homo sapiens
- Clarisse, madagascar
To be a human is to have opposable thumbs and to be able to make the most advanced tools and to be able to have speech.
- Rafi, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I think two attributes separate humans from other species - intuition and conscience. Both have intellectual and social implications.
- anirban bandyopadhyay, New York, USA
Humanity is merely what we call ourselves, not necessarily what we are...
- Eman Ekaf, Earth
Our brain & body matures into a mature mind. Instead of "reacting", we can see alternatives and make conscious behavioral choices.
- Marti Laney, Knoxville, TN
Being in touch and aware of your inner-animal as much as one can.
- ege odil , İzmir, Turkey
Value Creation
- Fan, New York
Highest level of consciousness of any organism on Earth & the ability to change our environment to suit our needs and support our misdeeds
- Noel Curry, Tokyo Japan
It means to be a monster - I think, the only monster nature has ever created.
- Kelly Chase Offield, Oahu, Hawaii
To be human means to understand all we were, all we are, and all that we will become.
- Ariana Godinez, Texas
To have imagination, a sense of humour and be able to lie. But most importantly, to take care of eachother.
- Lena Holst, Göteborg, Sweden
To be human is to define that which is indefinable, and to make imagination into reality.
- Claire, North Carolina
To watch an ad for fake parakeet "pets" and actually spend $14.99 because you thought it was an excellent two-for-one deal
- Harrison T., State College, PA
To be part of an intelligent species who self modifies evolution rules. Species makes robots to channel evolution to creative individuals.
- Sheethal, SD, CA
Humans have the ability to learn, problem-solve, recognize a different perspective and to create new thoughts….all at the same time.
- Scott, Montana
Laughter, Smiles, Thoughtfulness towards others and thoughtfulness about life, Sharing, Exploring, Learning, and Asking Questions
- KDdidit, Great Falls
Unfortunately, to be human is to have the capacity to act against nature. No other creature can commit such acts.
- G. Bernard Sawyer, Stone Mountain, GA. USA
Humans have acquired a sense of awareness; we are guided by a conscience; and we retain knowledge throughout life. It’s a great opportunity.
To have the intelligence mixed with curiosity to destroy the need for religions.
- Jordan Allen, Lawrenceville, PA
It means language, fire control, clothing, knowledge, inner control and, above all, God seeking.
- Jose Rigoberto Gonzalez, Bogota, Colombia
It means being part of the most prolific, ever advancing and limitless species known to live on planet earth.
- almjr, Florida, US
To destroy the planet as a means of immediate survival.
- John, Indiana
We are nothing as a whole if we cannot find the goodness in eachother.
- Tiana Constance, Australia
A mammal that's born to be humans who have emotions and are able to interact with other people.
- Rach, Julie, Joseph, Nick & Anthony, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Humans have emotional complexity, advanced communication, creativity, and sentience. They are at once totally unique and tied to everything.
- Woodskids, Chapel Hill, NC
Human is inteligence. To know what one sees in DMT altered state of consciousness, is the psychedelic side effects, not spiritual answers.
- ice, BC
To have the duty to glorify the God through worship. To trust IN HIM; rather than to trust in man's fallible, unproven theories.
- Josiah, USA
To be human is to have a conscience that can collapse a reality out of an infinity possibilities at each instant of the lifetime.
- Gerard, Venezuela
The curiosity to learn and the ability to use that knowledge and learn more
- Megan, Prague
Everyone will have a different opinion on this question. Respecting different opinions genuinely is part of what makes us human.
- Rohan Jeetendra Khemlani, Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan
To be human is to know that God made me to know Him, to love Him and be happy with Him in the next life.
- Hal M., Boston, MA
Means to be one of the most adaptiv creature on the Earth, to be in a permanent evolution and single animal capable to lie very well
- GeoMatei, Bucharest, Romania
It means to try to understand our own history tied to the history of all other species and the universe where we live.
- Ana Maria Charlier Madeira, São Paulo, Brazil
To be fulfilled by God with a soul
- AM, Massachusetts
Compassion, Discovery, Exploration, Love.
- Ted Caudill, Oxford, OH
I agree with Robert P. Hagstrom of Flagstaff AZ.
- Simpatico Welps , Koobi Fora
Unique sophisticated forms of communication allowing for the detailed exchange of ever more descriptive imagination techniques.
- Andy J , Manchester
To grow constantly with age, either mentally or physically, and also both, but to also share in physical features.
- Meaghan, Amherst, VA
Humans are able to think about thinking.
- Charles Connolly, Martinsburg, WVmMzrX
Four pairs of empty shoes left in the rain. From the souls of the shoes you can see dark silhouettes, reflected by the wet concrete and overcast light of the dreary sky.
Being human is not only physical; One day we may not be humans if we dont have the metaphysical, Which is difficult to judge in hindsight.
- Keilen, Canada
To be human, is to be created in the image and likeness of God, our creator.
- Caleb, California
It means to be smart yet still be called stupid by other members of the same species. It also means you eat food and get fat.
- Shananay, Sharkeisha Island
Beig smarter than any other species on earth and still being called dumb by your friends
- shaniqua, bonquiqui land
being human means being able of questioning about my own origin and my own impermanence
- marcos giusti, montevideo
Looking at cat videos in youtube
- Stephen, Kitchener
To have such a diverse population. Humans don't all speak the same language, don't always see eye to eye. We're destructive sometimes.
- Alydia, Iqualuit, Nunavut
Abstract thought.
- Sam, Hertfordshire, UK
Gather physical information through the senses and utilize it to adpt to the environment and to alter the environment.
- Roger Duronio, New Jersey
To be human is to be the elements of the universe made manifest to explore itself.
- sgreco, earth
To grasp the concept of time, to understand things which we don't need to understand, to not need to rely on instincts to do things.
- Elizabeth, Australia
The full awareness of self and others.
- Walter D. Shultz, 337 Eldorado Circle, Seymour, TN 37865, USA
Create and share stories.
- Bella, Indonesia
The empty meaning of being a human can be as full as you want it to be. Life is your dictionary.
- SSN , Madrid, Spain
To daydream and then to wish we didn't
- Manisha Swain, India
Walking upright, making & using tools, the use of fire, language & symbolic thinking, art & use of jewellery, barter & trade
- Andy Bryson, South Africa
It means to do what your Creator want from you to do.
- Abbas, Pakistan
Human's can choose right from wrong.This comes at the huge cost of all.
- Danielle Montello, Rockport, Ma
We are gene puppets, DNA tools. No more.
- Russ, ma, usa
To be HUMAN is to understand the intrinsic role, nature, music and art plays in the social evolution of the self !
- Hilina Berhanu, Europe
Human means to advance and expand. Always exploring and looking for a purpose.
- Emanuel , Tulsa
It means human have the desire to get something in life and wisdom to analyse the life..
- Sara Sheikh, Pakistan
Being human is to have a concept of time, and self awareness of one's place and causal relationships within that timeline.
- Tommy Gilley, Royse City,Tx
To be human means to love, think, believe, explore, feel, and express feelings.
- Kristina Brown, Sylmar, California
It means that you are diverse, you are your own being. You have urges and a thinking process that makes you different from everything else.
- Josh, Astoria,OR
To be different from one another, and to care for animals and humans.
- Justin, Micheal, Astoria Or
Being human is like being able to do things like read, write breath, eat, sleep. Hunt, create, make food taste good.
- Cheyenne, Astoria
To be yourself but with a little bit of everyone.
- Maddie, Astoria, Oregon
It means that you are diverse, you are your own being. You have urges and a thinking process that makes you different from everything else.
- Josh, Astoria,OR
To be able to make your own choices/decisions and exhibit emotions.
- Kiley, Astoria, Oregon
Humans are unique and curious creatures with complex emotions and natural problem solvers.
- Karla, Astora, OR
The ability to feel emotions, you have your own thoughts, and you are culturally diverse in your own unique.
- Ashley, Astoria, OR
To be human is to feel, love, create, conquer, and believe.
- Ty, Astoria, Oregon
Humans are beings who have bodies and heartbeats as well as thoughts that are both mental and spiritual.
- Kaisa, Astoria, Oregon
Humans are complex beings who are spiritually connected and have their own thoughts and morals about the world around them.
- Brooke, Astoria
What makes us human is our individuality from everyone else, and out strive to get/be what we want.
- jason, Astoria, Oregon
The ability to ask questions like, "What does it mean to be human?"
- Jim Dew, Madison, WI
Being Human means being able to express oneself individually, to strive to better ourselves and our world.
- Cody, Astoria, Oregon
To be human means to overcome the challenges in life, achieve goals, fit into society, and to survive.
- Cole, Astoria, OR
Being human is simply being able to see your past, present, and future and aspiring to do it.
- Becca, Oregon
To be human is to be part of a society that has expectations and aspirations that you are perpetually trying to satisfy.
- Jessica, Astoria, Oregon
In order to be a human one must feel a variety of emotions, have flaws, and have a desire to grow.
- Allison, Oregon
To individually in a group expand what we expect from ourselves, learning from our many mistakes.
- What does it mean to be Human, OR
being human means that you can think for yourself, you make mistakes, you can decide rationally, and you have instincts.
- Jasmine Watson, United States of America
Having a conscience
- Mary Miller, New York State
Being human means to be able to evolve at a faster rate than any other living organism on the planet, and having an imagination to do so.
- Shannon Perucatti, South Africa
Having the ability to think, learn, make, improve , empathize , help, teach, share and most importantly evolve as a being..
- Ava, Philippines
To live in a self-constructed world of symbols and concepts. To touch "reality" only occasionally
- Rich, Columbus, Ohio
A man thinks calmly with eye's filled with compastion, beside him the same man is yelling eye's filled with hate
Humans are, Part god, part beast to be human is to wrestle with our selfs. And ultimately, to choose which one will guide our actions.
- Zavian, Canada
Neanderthals were apparently better care givers to their elderly than Homo republicanensis, that other archaic primate
- Gerry, Nebraska
To be the best people in the whole entire universe. And to also fool our family's traits and customs
- Jaffrey, Duluth, MN
Well it can mean anything you want it to. Human It dozen't mean anything because "meaning" is wholly subjective.
- Roger, Montana
Having the abilities to think, refine natural resources for our own comfort and protect or kill other species.
- Jason , Sydney, Australia
A primate that some features gave him the conscience of himself.
- Michel, St Cloud, MN
When your human it means to be a mammal.A mammal has warm blood instead of cold blood like reptiles.Also humans are very intelligent.
- Brad Cary, U.S.A
It means we are more human or human more! Sè?
- Alex, IDK
To be a concisous animal, understanding its ability to reason and rationalze.
- shawn, toledo, oh
I'm not sure
- Mrs. Chomik, Stone age
The ability to actively pursue new ideas for the benefit of others
- Robert J. Lewis Sr, Hemet, Ca
A 1960 civil rights march for the right to vote.
The potential for awareness of and capacity to change group behaviors that determine adaptability to internal and external environments.
- J. Patrick Malone, Klamath Falls, Oregon
Comprendere quanto siano meravigliosi i processi evolutivi.
- Francesco, Italy
Comprendere quanto siano meravigliosi i processi evolutivi.
- Francesco, Italy
To love,sacrifice,suffer,joy in friendship,alone in a sea of people,live &die yearn meaningful connections,find truth in the eyes of another
- Laura Elizabeth, Gatineau Quebec
To be human means that you have intelligence, conscious an feelings to rule the earth and all the living creatures with respect.
- Yota, Greece
Being human is to have emotion, a conscience, advanced societal structure, complex language, and a highly developed brain.
- Mary, Silver Spring, MD
To posses a large brain and the ability to communicate through speech and the use of tools
- Angelica Li, United States
Being human is one of the most beautiful and fascinating phenomena. Each timely adaptation led us to being the most advanced species known.
- Ariana, Bethesda, MD
Having the ability to know not only what it takes to survive and help your family, but also have a complex moral and social system.
- Jack, Maryland
Being human means being part of a modern evolutionary tree that includes some of the most intelligent species to ever live.
- Andrew Taylor, College Park, Maryland
I think that being human is having the ability to analyze, communicate through spoken language and writing, and express and feel emotions.
- Impana S., College Park, Maryland
It means we can problem solve and have the ability to impact the world
- Belton, In this bitch
To be advanced physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. We build, learn, communicate, feel, and wonder.
- Elaine, Maryland
To be human is to learn and build off knowledge from present and deceased generations. Essentially, to have continuous growth in thought.
- Paul, University of Maryland, College Park
Being human means walking upright, making tools to hunt, communicating with symbols, & having highly developed brains
- Sherin Menachery, College Park, Maryland
To be human means to search for a greater purpose in life other than mere survival.
- Ana, Maryland
To realize that though we have different physical features, we have all developed the same traits that enable our existence in this world.
- Kay, Maryland
Humans are defined by physical traits and what they make us capable of.We are social have identities and are a combination of nature/nurture
- Kristi, College Park, MD
Personally, being human is all about realizing our potential by understanding where we come from, although controversial.
- Robel , Maryland
To be human is to have reason and a sense of self; physically, emotionally and spiritually.
- Kristen, Maryland
To be human is to be aware of our individuality and mortality and to desperately seek meaning in our brief existence.
- Daniel Cox, Sacramento, CA
It means that we are able to interact and create complex structures such as societes and technologies and use them to more complex species.
- Brian K, Maryland
Besides being a Homo sapiens, I think it means to be resourceful, social, and to have a complex understanding of the world around us.
- Nick , MD
Humans communicate in languages, don’t have hair all over the body, express emotions, create and destroy, make judgments, etc.
- Lisa Seo, College Park
Art, imagination, environmental alteration, connection, emotion, cognition, and purposeful creation and destruction all define being human.
- Anthony Z, Maryland
I believe humans must be able to express complex emotions such as love <3
- Jason Hsiao, University of Maryland
The only animal which thinks about thinking
- Karthik , chennai
Being a human is a chance to be proud!Don't miss that chance, because when you've miss it, you'll never got it back again!
- Phuong Tran Nam, Hanoi, Vietnam
i think it means to be human is to evolve
- dsmith, altantes
to live life to the fullest
- anita miller, losangeles
...We are a awareness encased here...
- Don Juan, Sonora
to have the will to survive and adapt, unlike any other species on this planet.
- Jordan Whitney, Ames, Iowa
To me, being human means interacting with those around us in order to form meaningful relationships, and striving to be happy.
- Kaitlin Bielec, Maryland
To be born into this beautiful world and learn to live in it
- Vanessa, Lagos,Nigeria
To be born into this beautiful world and learn to live in it
- Vanessa, Lagos,Nigeria
To be human is to give an account of your life after you die,so make good use of it , animals not so.
- Walter, llioydminster
We are the only animals with a conscience, so we must insure that we treat our fellow human beings and other animals kindly.
- George, London,England,UK
To have 23 Chromosomes and be made in the image and likeness of God.
- Matt, Michigan
2 b the smartest most sophisticated species yet the dumbest & most savage. Our ego & belief of our superiority will be our downfall
- Jen, Santa Clarita
Being Human, means forever asking the questions "WHY ?" and "HOW ?"
- Elizabeth, Solihull, England
To be a human is to be a bipedal, very intelligent and self-aware primate capable of conscious and complex thought.
- Spencer, Gaithersburg, MD
We are nothing special - just a beautifully meaningless creation of nature's random but wonderful combination of matter and circumstance.
- Nesbert Mutare, Redcliff, Zimbabwe
I think being human means not only having our instincts, but being aware of them as well.
- Maddy Paulson, Hagerstown
To be alive, and have FUN!
- Richard, New York
I thimk therefore I is
- Reynard D'Argent, California
As humans, we have the ability to affect change in the world on a global scale through our knowledge and perception of the world around us.
- Jennifer W, Museum of Natural History
On a basic level, one is human if one has human DNA. However, we tend to associate many traits perceived to be good with our own species.
- Elizabeth H., Museum of Natural History
To be human means to be created in the image of God
- Daniel, Maryland
Manipulating natural elements–agriculture: a huge factor in the development not only of the human species, but the world as a whole.
- Isabelle, College Park, MD
An evolved life form aware of it's transience, mortality. Main ambition is to avoid pain, maximize pleasure and a shared fear of death
- Andrew Lautin, New York
Collective learning makes us human.
- Scott, American Canyon, CA
To be human is to be the most egotistical, self-absorbed, destructive, atrocity-committing species on the planet.
- Steve Schlarb, Irving, Texas
To be human is the ability to ask the question, "What does it mean to be human?"
- Lauren, Brighton, CO
Our capacity for cultivating knowledge invests in us the responsibility to protect and care for our planet and the species within it.
- Alberto, Mexico
It means to have a conscience about when you did something wrong so that you can fix it or at least try too.
- Kyndell, Missouri
To wonder and fear what the future has in store for us.
- Kaitlin Smith, Saint Joseph
To be at the top of the food chain.
To be at the top of the food chain.
It means to have the ability to make rational decisions, and to differentiate what's right from wrong.
- eduardo, Missouri
To have consciousness.
- Joaquin, San Luis Potosi, México
human beings are one of viruses favourite ways to make more viruses
- chistletoe, usa
It means you have a brain with a well developed frontal cortex
- Gandha key, London, UK
ability to think and rethink and extrapolate the result of an action in different situations.
- pradyot Kr. Biswas, Kolkata,India
To be Bipedal, have a community, and use tools
- shymon, Massachusetts
It means that you are your own unique person and no one else is like you.
- Julia, NJ
To be a prodigy among other animals.
- Anton, Stockholm
It means survival under given conditions.
- Kristy, DC
To be human is to have the power to devastate and deplete our resources but also the power to choose to care and conserve instead
- Casandra, Chicago
To wonder about things such as what does it mean to be human.
- Mike, Oregon
Mean To Be Human responsible with all living thing
- rad maturana palma, peru
We have an innate drive to follow our intellect, will, and passions.
- Holly, USA
To care for creature around us and respect ourselves for who we are
- Jai Sikka, Birmingham,Uk
To be a human means to understand the power we have over our ecosystem and the consequences that a negative decision can make.
- Robin A, Fayetteville
Behavioral loops that are assumed to be "aware" of past states and complex patterns therein.
- Miles David Smith, San Diego
Being human is having the ability to form complex thoughts that create the meaningful out of the meaningless. It's a path-dependent process!
- Abraham Gutierrez, Ontario, CA
is being able to realize that we are no more important than any other life form on earth. we all struggle to survive.
- david, florida
To be human is to strive to increase knowledge based on evidence, and to be increasingly free of superstition, dogma and ignorance.
- James, Maine
Humans are he transfer vehicle to complete earths long journey ahead, earth was always here and always be
- Teddy the Greek, boston
Homo sapiens, or humans, are highly intelegent and adaptive bipedal animals, but nothing more than that: animals
- Matthew, Illinois
To be human is to be able to invent. To create. To think creatively. To be able to convey and share ideas.
- Alex, Fresno, California
To live life can do it well and with confidence
- JFK, Selby
To see your place in the world and realise that it's so much bigger than you
- B., Oxford
To create and perpetuate Culture, is to be human.
- Magdalena, Wisconsin
It means that you can talk walk and everything else. It also mean that you can take on the responsibility of walking on this earth.
- liyah, Evanston,Il
Our fully conscious mind - and all the marvellous and troublesome implications that come with nature's most incredible development..
- Ned, Australia
A person who's not a animal. They have characteristics that separate humans from animals. We change the world and do things differently.
- Mallory, Iowa
To be human means to have a purpose, it means to do what you were made to do.
- bianca, Sigourney, IA
Being human means changing what you do according to the environment that you live in.
- Becca, Sigourney
Being human means to live and interact with the environment.
- Maddison, Sigourney, IA
as the third smartest spcies on the planet (preceded by dolphins and mice) we have a responsibility to not kill ourselves and others
- Griffin, Canada
at least in part it means being able to ponder what it means to be human!
- Sis, Ladoga
It means the capacity to ask this question.
- Heather , Wellesley, MA
To be human means to be a bipedal mammal with a spoken language
- Jack, Pittsburg, CA
'Human' is a name however, its profound meaning portrays our ability to adapt socially, environmentally, and more importantly cognitively.
- Jerel Pleasant, USA
to desire connection and express that connection through art
- Dee, San Francisco, CA
Being curious about the universe, our creator and how we are formed billion years ago.
- Curiosity , Milky Way
To be human is to having a higher understanding of what is going on in the world around you.
- Jessica Cruz, Chicago, IL
Man is created in God's image to know God. Humans have 46 chromosomes. Gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans have 48.
- Jim, WI
It means that we are different than other relatives of the chimps.
- Alexandra, Bangor,Maine
To seek, for what you do not already know may be the most important for the future
- Anyone you seek, anywhere you seek
What it means to me, is that you love, you fall, you get back up, and you push through. The human race is filled with items.
- #invinciblenick, Australia
With great power comes great responsibility
- Simon Servetar, Manhattan, New York
to be able to learn and think, be a homo sapiens, and to be created in the image of God
- Stella, New York
To be human is to be able to wonder at what it means to be human.
- Benjamin, Minneapolis, MN
To be human means to be bipedal, innovative, and intelligent. More intelligent than any other organism.
- Alex Nemon, 12, Southborough MA
to share and to take care of one another.
- lena , location
Being human means being creative, having your own opinion, and talking. Humans have feelings, such as love and hate.
- Alison Talty, New Jersey
A capacity to wonder.
- A Nobody, England
compassion, curiosity, optimism, and the tendency to have anxiety, be diplomatic, have wonder, and want to leave a legacy
- Alex, Chico
to connect with things, with people, with the land, with ourselves and try to figure out the meaning of life if there even is one
- Dinnah, Pennsylvania
Humans evolved so that one day we can learn the truth revealed by the present.
- Towlie, Alaska
bacon and ipods
- isaiahdawebb, lol not tellin
Superior cognitive recognition and contemplation.
- Ed Vinieratos, American in Moscow, Russia
To laugh, to be bipedal, expressing ourselves, to have a large game, having a small jaw, and to think logically to solve problems
- Avalon, CA, USA
It means to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and and not make those mistakes in the future.
- That Person who's Always There, Just Look Around
To be versatile and ever-changing. A sign of humanity is our need for intellectual and social interaction.
- Robin S. Long, COSTAATT, Trinidad
The skill to surpass anything in our way using our minds.
- Rhett Torralba, St. Louis, Missouri
to empathize and plan ahead.
- Naresh Sehgal, Santa Clara, CA
It means to be part of the species group Homo sapiens, and the ability to have complex language skills.
- Caitlin McKee, Falls Church, VA
To be an incredible step in this universes attempt to understand itself
- Joshua Jones, Portland, ME
We are common as lifeforms, rare in our stage of evolution, & special as individuals. Explorers of physics, biology, history, & ourselves.
- Bryce, Devils Lake, North Dakota
To have consciousness.
- Maralee, Silver Spring, MD
To be human is to have greater intelligence than our ancestors that we study today
- Jacqueline Xu, Cupertino, CA
Helpful and Hurtful Unique Magnificent and monstrous Amazing and awful Never predictable
- Anjali Gupta, California
Being Human means that you are the most complex species on Earth. You walk on two legs and communicate with others. Being human is awesome!
- Ava Straccia, MA
Being human means having a spoken/written language,being able to express ourselves,and being able to walk upright.
- Somebody , Somewhere
use and manufacture tools, have a sense of community, have opposable thumbs, and be bipedal. also have a more developed frontal lobe.
- Noa the Sapien Sapien, San Diego, CA
Having complex systems to perform specific functions. To say in short, to be a "Homo sapien-sapien"
- Shamma, Maldives
Too be human is to see the future, to predict and plan for events.
- Becky Crain, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Being human means knowing that other possibilities can happen.
- Heather , Arizona
- Mematron, New York
To be human you dont have to be smart but you must walk upright and have cloathing
- Julie, CA
To be human is to be a highly adaptable intelligent and self aware hominid.
- Xander, California
More than just killing, eating, sleeping, repeating.
- Cal Johnson, Washington
To make register of things, by any means, drawing, writing, engraving. And to pass it generation after generation, through education.
- Andre Catani, Valinhos, BRAZIL
To think, to feel to have empathy, to want more for your children than for yourself
- Gavin Brannan, Mississippi
To be human is to have a culture.
- Jenna, NYC
It means that we are made in the image of God, the Creator.
- Jerry, Virginia
To be able to use technology and access websites like this one. To share interests and experiences with others.
- Omar Ahmed, Simi Valley, California
To have certain characteristics that no other primate shows.
- Bernard Niesen, Los Angeles, California
humans of later life achieve great inventions, discover the past and walk into the future.
- Francesca, Yardley, PA
As humans we have a thought process. We feel emotion and we communicate with others. Also we are bipeds, meaning we walk upright.
- Katie N, Holliston
Bein human means to have a brain, walk upright and be able to fend for yourself alone.
- juan carlos, cali
To be human means to walk on two feet, communicate with others, using tools, using your brain, and having a social life.
- Jenna Jones, England
It means that you have human rights. It means that you have friends and you have been giving a life to live.
- Anna, Massachussetts
It means that you have human rights. It means that you have friends and you have been giving a life to live.
- Anna, Massachussetts
To be human, means that you are able to use all of your specials chracteristics wherever and whenever you want.
- Alex , Massachussetts
To think you're better than all the other animals.
- Marion K. Allen, Milwaukee, WI
Keeping other species from extinction.
- Alan, Tampa FL USA
Considered The Hologram of Love
I am. I am aware. I choose. [Repeat.] :-)
- TJ , Washington
it means to be exproring the world and find diffrent parts of the world we never saw before
- kanani, Fontana CA
To be consciously aware of yourself and to be capable of using language, feeling complex emotions, and understanding abstract thought.
- Dip Patel, Ohio State University
to be organized and smart
- kameron powel, new york
Knows how to use tools and how to make tools
- Elaine, Maryland
so we can communicate and learn what tools we can make and to discover what life is like and explore diffrent parts of world
- kanani faavae , fontana california
It means being the topdogs in the foodchain
- Dirk, Australia
In the broadest of definitions, to share the "same" genetic material that which dictates our very being.
- Brian, Illinois
To have a soul specially created by God. To be made in God's image.
- Evan, Tennessee
To have a soul.
- John, Wherever Jesus is
Life is about having a soul. It also means to see new things.
- Chewbacca, starwars
To coexist and live in harmony with nature. Not to destroy it. To be able to look back and think, "I'm glad to be here."
- Kelly, California
Our species all have a somewhat selfish goal; to satisfy our wants. Humans, we long for fulfillment something worth living for, purpose.
- aswali, va
To create art ...
- Stella, Paris
The ability to feel empathy and help the less fortunate to live a life of dignity and respect.
- Chak, Prakash
to live, love and laugh
- Martin Clabburn, UK
To be human means to love, give,take ,understand,and to live in harmony
- DaphnE, India
Faith and the reason to become a better person each new day.
- Valeria Acosta, Puerto Rico
it means to be free.
- bogogo, is not your info
It means you are living and you want to see everything in the world. It also means life with human forms.
- Crazy old lady, Mars
Being human is about life. It also mean to play video games and play outside. Being human can be having fun with friends.
- Chewbacca, tatoonie
To live and be productive
- Hingle Mcringleberrry, school
Ser Humano significa SER ESPIRTUAL viviendo una experiencia HUMANA (Be Human means Be Spiritual living a Human experience)
- Felipe Bobadilla, Chile
Enthrall with the reality of the dynamics of organic life, the greatest force in the universe......miracle of miracles
- Roy D. Schickedanz, Glenwood-Lynwood Library, Illinois
To torture and kill billions of living things, and destroy the Earth's natural habitats and ecosystems.
- Kyle Briggs, Behind you
To be human is to find meaning in the things unknown and the things unseen.
- Alice, New Zealand
To have the responsability to protect the planet and to make a more enjoyable life to all
- Hector Rubio , Chihuahua, Mexico
To use our limited capacity to understand the world, our place in it, what resources we need to survive, and how to secure them.
- Pat, Boston, MA
having the capacity to plan for the future, wonder, express ourselves creatively and the feel compassion for others
- Olivia K, Melbourne, Australia
It means having feelings and understand other people and other species on Earth.
- Linda Johnson, Mesquite Tx
To strive to make a better future and accept failure.
- Allison, McLaren Vale, South Australia
To be human is to feel feelings and have the ability to have empathy for another.
- Christine R, Boston
To be Human is to strive for the stars...THERE lies our true immortality.
- Wulf Zeiler, Adelaide, Australia
Thinking off the top of your head
To be human means to be instinctive, to not over-think a decision when you get a choice
- Josh Goldberg, New York City
Human means being able to fill out the "word verfication" blank in order to submit a comment on what it means to be human.
- bej, USA
To attain happiness for our self and others
- williamtan, Malaysia
An Animal, who enough dare to think
- Vinod, India
To be able to predict the future on the base of past experience
- Carlo Laudanna, Verona (37029), Italy, EU
It is the ability to dream and unlock the secrets of the universe. The ability to refine our morality and make the world a better place.
- Michael Martinez, South Dakota
To presume to have free will.
- William K. Boone, Mexico City
To beable to know I am alive which is something animals can't do.
- Marcus, Auburn, MA
To know that we are ordinary beings
- Hillel, Philippines
To do exactly we we're doing now - thinking about it and seeking answers to why we are.
- Maggie, Australia
To search for the meaning of ourselves. Humans are driven by curiosity and must explore.
- Chris Billingsley, Vacaville, CAXMCK
for if we fail we try again untill we prevail
- jazz matthews-wood, melbourne australia
To love, to share, to hope!
- Hari Krishnan, Trivandrum, Kerala, India
To have the ability to use multiple complex languages to communicate to other members of its own species.
- Bobby, Australia
To be aware of the Creator who made us through this marvelous process of evolution
- Jerry, Seattle
to love life and other humans
- snow, jhb
Being a human means living yout life for Christ because He gave His for you.
- John Brothers, New Concord, Ohio
There is no meaning. Nothing that is supernatural exists.
- Gregory Breytenbach, Australia
to be one step closer to GOD!
To be human is to be created in the image of God Almighty. Genesis 1:26-27
- J. S., USA
we got the best thumbs and the best burritos, baby
- Basie, Settle
Humans are the only animal in the world that fear death and can imagine.
- Barry Morris, Corpus Christi
We make representations of the world around us.
- Amy Callner, USA
Our true nature is that of being a spiritual being having a physical experience where we learn from the physical reality of the universe
- Fred Pirone , Tampa
It means you are able to read and comprehend that your species, homo sapiens, resides at the top of the evolutionary ladder.
- Roger, Phoenix
To leave a global legacy which future generations can ignore, adopt or fight over..
- Ian, EMEA
To pretend. Apes do not know how to pretend.
- Zoran Tasa, Belgrade
Of belonging to a homo sapeins
- abiodun emmanuel , lagos
To use critical thinking skills.
- Tracy, Ohio
to be humanist atheist rational, o love all beings
- Loay Ashry, Egypt
To have the ability to recognize our own image and feel judgment towards it.
- Dorianne, NC
To grasp with a thumb tools to till the soil, tools to hunt, tools to create and destroy.
- Dorianne, North Carolina
To cry salty tears of joy and sorrow.
- Dorianne, Durham NC
To eventually understand that all of our fellow humans are of equal worth and value. Inequality is thus inhuman.
- A Human, Planet Earth
city floating in space as seen by hubble telescope
As J. MacArthur says: "be rational, relational and creative", and I say "so that we can purposefully work out our destiny".
- Hamilton, Panama
to be human means to be understand mutual correlation among creatures, creation, and creator
- Kus Bintoro, Jakarta
To be able to experience loneliness
- A., New England
It means that I am not a cow. or a pig. Or even a sheep, a dog, a potato, an octopus. Not even a brussell sprout. Wow. Incredible.
- Laugh Out-Loud, Cape Foul Wind, New Zealand
A human is curious, creative, adaptable, and also closed minded and submissive of the new; in other words humans are self contradictory.
- bruce, mendocino
We determine our fate and destiny. We explore what our minds can understand. Then we must do what we can to contribute to the whole...
- Jeremy Pauhl, Hamilton, Canada
The core difference for Humans is the ability to direct our own evolutionary path. Deciding our own path is what it means to be Human.
- Trevor, Washington, DC
We are humans because we alone can Ask this question"How to Save Mother Earth"?
- Sandy, California
Being is a human means harboring illusive notions and developing convictions based on such feelings.
- Dewan, Orlando, FL
Being human means sharing more genetic & phenotypic characteristics with the Homo sapiens metapopulation than with any other species.
- Paolo, London
be born, contribute/improve mother earth, discover, reproduce.
- adrian, florida
To have a particular strand of DNA, to be technical, I guess. If you want to be philosophical, don't look at my answer.
- Aria, USA
To make historical records for future learning.
- jollyroger, australia
constituting the only known form of organised matter in which the universe has become conscious of itself, in other words self-reflexive
- Wim van Binsbergen, Haarlem the Netherlands
being human means to feel love, pain. take every opportunity that comes your way without hesitation. It means to live life to the fullest.
- Amy, Victoria, Australia
Being alive and breathing and imagining new technologies.
- Émilie, Richmond, QC
To be human gives us the opportunity to practise humanity. And the freedom to stuff it up.
- Pixelwarrior, Tasmania, Australia
to think
- ahmef, uae
To have a heightened understanding of ones self and others. To create and destroy. To think; say, feel, and love.
- Angus Crosby, Hong Kong
To have a heightened understanding of ones self and others. To create and destroy. To think; say, feel, and love.
- Angus Croaby, Hong Kong
It means that " we (The owner of the hand mark & his society) are living here".
Being an expression of the totality of the universe.
- Ena, South Africa
To be able to contemplate the universe and the self but be unable to be truly part of it.
- Some guy, Australia
Can't choose to be human, but can stop being one or make most of the condition imposed by evolution and become evolution itself for future.
- vijay, irving,TX
To know that there is a future, actively seek change, have awareness of death and therefore invent gods and demons.
- Adalberto Benavides, Saltillo, Mexico
It means you are not a cat.
- Benjamin, Hirn
Being Human is having a will of your own and being independent.Its not a matter of how we look but how we conduct ourselves.
- Miera Jefferson, Laurel, MD
Humans are bipedal, have larger brains relative to body size and well developed language areas (Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas).
- Emily, Canada
To be human is to be aware. To be more than what our instincts calls us to do. To be able to feel a wide range of emotions and have dreams.
- Carl Victor Salazar, Bergenfield, NJ
To be able to use past experiences (ours, our cadre, and forebearers) to determine our actions beyond instictive responses.
- Pete , VA
our bodies can digest almost any kind of food, and we don't have to live in one area because our bodies can adapt to different climates
- Paris, Rock hill
To be a human, means to have your own ideas, have your own unique adventure called life, and you live it how you choose.
- Jovany Lizardi , Reading, PA
To share experiences, thoughts and love.
- Bob, Amazonas, Brazil
An animal that adapted and evolved for millions of years.
- Nizar Zgheib, Lebanon
God created us male and female in his own image to know him, love him, live with him and glorify him
- Jon, London
it means we are the superior beings on this giant planet.
- ashlee righter, philadelphia
Animal that doesn't think it's an animal. To destroy, to experience emotion and feeling.
- Ashley, South Dakota
it means to know exactly the limits in a society and community we live in. would behave as we wanted others to behave to us.(most of us)
- ahmad ansari, iran.arak
Living with the insight of who we were and the hope of knowing that we aren't finished evolving yet.
- D. Morgan, Crossville, Tennessee
To think independently and act upon
- Joe, Internet
Humanity is the best and worst thing to ever happen to this planet.
- Melissa, Sacramento, CA
To create and question beyond the means of survival, for joy, sorrow, excitement and/or horror.
- Jane, Canada
Humans are land based organisms which rely on powerful inventions, elaborate plans, and fellowship. They perform scientific investigations.
- Philip Moseman, Omaha, NE
To commit mistakes.
- Jose, Compton
The ability to contemplate our existence
- Richard Byrd, Lakeport, Florida